1.2.12 – Activity: Posting to Social Media

A lot of people post a lot of things online. Over 100 hours of video are posted to YouTube every minute. Over 400 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day.  You and your friends may be some of the billion plus people who post things on social media. What do you post and what don’t you post? You need to think before you post and this activity asks you to do exactly that.

Scenario 1: A thirteen year old girl meets a guy online. They exchange messages and he seems nice to her. He says he likes her pictures and that she’s really cute. He asks her to post a picture of herself in a swimsuit.

If you were the girl, would you post a swimsuit picture?   Why or why not?

Now, change the gender roles. A 13 year old guy meets a girl online. She asks for a swimsuit picture. If you were the guy, would you post the picture?   Why or why not?

Scenario 2: After school one day, a fight breaks out between two students. It’s in the parking lot and you are right there. You capture the whole thing on video.

Do you post it? Why or why not?

Scenario 3: While you are on Facebook, you get a message from one of your friends. It’s a picture of one of your other friends looking really stupid.

Do you post it?   Why or why not?

Let’s change it up: What if it’s a picture of you looking stupid. Do you post it?   Why or why not?

Question 1: What have you told your friends about posting things about you online? Do they do it? Do they have your permission?

Question 2: What do you post online? Do you have permission? Is there anything posted that should be taken down?