2.2.20 – Activity: Online Predators

Read this article about an event in Maple Ridge BC.

Then answer the True or False questions.

True False

Sexual exploitation has increased in recent years.

Answer: True. It has exploded online in recent years

True False

A recent study found that one third of teens had sent a “sext”.

Answer: True. One third of teens have sent “sexts”.

True False

About 15% of teens who post photos online get contacted by strangers.

Answer: False. 49% of teens report being contacted by a stranger.

True False

One in 25 youth aged 10-17 years have been solicited sexually online.

Answer: False. One in FIVE youth in that age range have been sexually solicited online.

True False

75% of youth who’ve received an online sexual solicitation did not tell a parent.

Answer: True. If it happens to you, be sure to find an adult you trust that you can tell.

True False

Over a five year period, child pornography related offences in Canada have increased over 900%.

Answer: True. Report exploitation of children at www.Cybertip.ca.

True False

Canada ranks No. 5 in the world for hosting child sexual images online.

Answer: False. Canada ranks No. 2 in the world for hosting child sexual images online.