Activity: Your Digital Footprint

Part 1: Google Yourself

In a new browser window, go to and then search your name. If you have a common name, it may be helpful to add your city to the search keywords. What information about you is floating around in the digital world? Answer the following questions:

How many results came up when you Google your name? How many are specifically you?

Could someone track you down with the information that came up? Can someone find your address, phone number, school or other information that would lead them to you?

How many of the results are from postings about you that were done by someone else?  Did they get my permission to post it first?

Is there anything that you didn’t realize was posted publicly? Did anything surprise you?

Is there anything that you wouldn’t want a teacher, your grandparents or a future employer to see?

Part 2: Social Media

Search your name on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.  What can people find out about you there? Can they track you down? Is there anything that you wish was not posted? Are there any surprises?